WindCap, LLC has developed a two part application process. The objective is to provide clients and their advisors with a quick turn around process an initial assessment so before too much time is spent everyone has a sense of the terms. In addition, the process allows for questions and concerns regarding the terms, collateral or financials to be addressed early on.

Part 1:

This part of the process requires the initial loan app to be completed and submitted along with a simple checklist of five items. Once received WindCap will respond within 48 hours with a tentative decision.

  1. 2 Years Personal Federal tax return:
  2. Client Signed Financial Statement:
  3. Insurance Illustration run at guaranteed rate with current charges (if no firm underwriting offer, please run at standard):
  4. Copy of Insured(s) Drivers License:
  5. Completed and signed Form:

Initial Loan Application 

Part 2:

If the initial review leads to approval then a formal loan application will be sent back requiring the borrower and insured to review some disclosures and sign. At that point formal underwriting will be finalized.

WindCap Loan Application

All of these documents can be returned electronically and if you have any questions please contact one of us to address your questions.

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