The list below will provide you with a thorough overview of the documents required to underwrite the structure and the loan. Certain documents may not be applicable depending on the type of structure, collateral to be used or other situations. The applications on the Forms page also provide a checklist of what is required at the submission. Please feel free to download the checklist using the link below the list.

Borrower Data

___ Copy of Trust Agreement

___ Life Insurance Policy

___ Sample Life insurance Policy (underwriting stage)

___ Life Insurance Application

___Life Insurance Illustration

___Most recent Life Insurance illustration (underwriting stage)

___Life Insurance Delivery Receipt

___Executed Loan application

___Federal Tax Returns Borrower (if applicable) *

___Form W-9


Insured Data

___Net Worth Statement Insured(s)

___Copy of Most Recent Bank and/or Brokerage Statement

___Federal Tax Returns Insured(s)*

___Copy of Driver’s License or Passport


Other Collateral Provider (If Applicable)

___Net Worth Statement Other Collateral Provider

___Copy of Most Recent Bank and/or Brokerage Statement

___Federal Tax Returns Other Collateral Provider *


Trustee Data

___Copy of Driver’s License or Passport

___Certified Copy of Organizational Documents (if applicable)

Download the checklist.

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